Havening therapy technique is a mental health approach to helping people with stress, depression, trauma and anxiety. Havening technique therapywas created because of an awareness of how memories are saved and altered. !How do you go about holding onto memories? The problem is that our brains don't work like that. Our memories, the autobiographies that we write when we are going through a trauma, are altered when they are being held onto. What we hold onto is what the author of Havening Therapy suggests we call the stored event. The stored event is a mental representation of something, but it is not the actual thing itself. What we say about our apartment might be, "we lived in an old apartment in a three-room house. We were so unhappy. We couldn't have children. I was afraid to walk alone at night." If you have been living with stress, anxiety, depression or trauma for any length of time then the odds are that you know that there are often changes going on in your life, something that you might have been used to or that you just didn't like. Even if it doesn't make any sense now, it might make sense a year from now. You can probably see where I am going with this. Havening therapy is a psychological approach to helping people with stress, trauma, depression and anxiety. Havening technique seeks to understand how memories are stored and altered.
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